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Not all bosses are the same, some are callous and others can be too good to be true. There are some bosses who will torment your life with scolding but one Charles Phillips is a soft spoken person who listens more than he speaks. Some hype people will consider him to be boring but his personality has made him to be one of the most renowned analysts in the computer technology industry. He was formerly president of Oracle Corp. but currently he is the CEO of Infor. He has made a great difference in the companies that he has worked for since he began his career several years ago.
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There are very few businessmen who make headlines for good deeds. However, Charles Phillips Infor has been receiving a lot of attention from the public of late. One reason is because of the company recently recorded revenue worth two billion dollars. This was through the hard work of the then chief executive Jim Schaper who has now been replaced by Mr. Phillips but he stays on as the chairman of the board.
Charles began his career by working for the United State Marines as an information technology captain. Later on between the years of 1986 and 1994 he worked at several banking firms on Wall Street. In 1995, he became a principal at a certain global investment bank in New York called Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc. where he was named the top enterprise software analyst. He has been accorded this award recurrently by Institutional Vendor. His outstanding work at Morgan Stanley turned attention towards him especially from the Oracle Corp. executives. The company initially hired him to work in the CEO’s office as vice president of strategies, business development and partnerships. However, a year later he was promoted to become one of the company’s presidents.
Charles Phillips raised the revenue of the company by almost 300 percent from nine billion dollars to twenty seven billion. Half a month after he joined the company, he was at the head of a major acquisition that caused a stir in the market; that was the purchase of PeopleSoft. Each year the company has been making at least one major acquisition.
In 2006 they acquired SiebelØ
In 2007, April they purchased HyperionØ
In 2008, BEA was boughtØ
Sun was acquired in 2009Ø


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